Tarot Card Reading
  A Tarot Card Reading, is for those would like help, guidance and clarity to work through their troubled emotions and clouded thoughts. This reading offers a reflection of your past, present and possible outcome/future and showing yo ... (Read More)
£30.00 2
We interpret various aspects of a persons life by reading the lines of both palms. On a right-handed person, the left hand is considered the ‘birth hand’, which shows inherited predispositions of character, while the right hand is thought to ... (Read More)
£30.00 2
Crystal Chakra Reading
Find out whether your 7 main chakras are balanced, blocked, over active or underactive.  This is a full reading using a Crystal Dowsing Pendulum and offers advice on how to bring your Mind, Body & Spirit back into balance and harmony.  From ... (Read More)
£25.00 2

Crystal Grids

We create crystal grids for healing, abundance, love, peace and protection. We make mini grids, mainly for distant healing, and larger grids where the individual can sit and lie down in the centre receive all the energies directed towards them. Please contact me directly to discuss your healing needs.

Depending on the size of grid and the duration of the healing required (charges range from £30 - £120)