how to care, cleanse & work with your crystals

In Ancient & Traditional Indian Medicine, Chakras are said to be "Life-Force Centres". They are beautiful, vibrant whirls of energy that flow within our body. Our seven main Chakras are light energy centres that are connected to our being on a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level.  


When our Chakras are free flowing, we enjoy optimum health.  When our Chakras are blocked, over active or underactive, it can cause us ill health and dis-ease.  Our Chakras transmit information from our Aura, this is the energy field around our body. Both the Aura and our Chakra points benefit greatly from crystal energy.


Each Chakra point has its own colour which is connected to the same vibrational frequency. To help balance our Chakras, we need to use the correct colour vibration and energy.  This is where Crystals can help.  Each Crystal has its own colour, vibration, energy frequency and power to balance, shift and raise our energy levels. 

Crystals channel, amplify and reflect pure cosmic and Earth energies as light. They can pick up energy imprints of other people and environments. I recommend cleaning, cleansing and bonding with your crystals. 

 A crystal in our aura can infuse our aura with its powerful vibration or absorb and transform certain energies. A crystal in a room, will uplift the energy of the space with its light as well as protect the space from conflicting energies by absorbing and transforming, or repelling unwelcome energies.

1. Cleanse your crystals, as this will help clear foreign energies and built-up toxins from the crystal matrix. 


2. Recharge your crystals weekly/fortnightly when working with your crystal frequently, this process restores the energy levels within the crystal.


3. Activating increases sources of energy and light accessed by the crystal. Do this by engaging your ability to visualize the pathways of energy flowing into your crystal, then, with your intention focused on activation, see existing channels increase in capacity and new channels appear.


4. Dedicate your crystal. This is a simple process that requires only a few quiet moments and defines your intention for co-creation. Your intention, during the dedication, describes to your crystal how you want it to work with you and sets the crystal's light vibration in harmony with your intentions.  Use a powerful affirmation of your deepest desires to call upon the Universe to manifest your wants into reality, while channelling the power of the crystal energy into your body, aura and environment.


Crystals can be used in healing, for meditation, love, fertility, purification, cleansing, protection and much, much more.  


If you feel unsure which crystal to choose, then try standing quietly for a few moments with your eyes closed, and remember the reason that you needed to purchase a crystal. When you open your eyes choose the crystal you feel most drawn to. This will be the stone for you.


I often tell people that crystals choose us and not the other way round.  Be open to being guided by your senses, trust your intuition.  Many times I've chosen a crystal that I find so attractive, I feel unable to take my eyes off it.  Only to learn the meaning and powers of that crystal is precisely the one that I needed, for the work I needed to do on my chakras.   


Here are a few suggestions of how you can integrate crystals into your daily life.


1. Carry it on your persons

2. Place it under the pillow where you sleep

3. Wear it as jewellery

4. Place it on your chakras

5. Give a place in your home

6. You can energise your drinking water with crystals

7. Create a sacred spiritual space to meditate

8. Make a crystal grid for love, health or abundance

9. Put a crystal on top of bills, newspapers, letters to infuse positivity

Here are some methods of cleansing your crystal, always follow your instincts for which one to choose.


WATER CLEANSING can be a great cleanser but you need to be careful which crystals you choose to cleanse this way – as many precious stones are water sensitive, the softness of a rock can often dictate its water sensitivity.  


Water soothes and washes away negativity, carrying it off to join the rest of the water in the world, and be recycled back into positivity.  Leaving your crystal outside in the rain is a wonderful way of cleansing them, but under a running tap is also an effective method of cleansing.  The water running over the stone purifies it, returning the crystal to its optimum vibration.


EARTH CLEANSING by burying your crystal in the ground can be a great way of rebalancing it, and allowing it to once again vibrate in harmony with the earth. You can also leave your crystal by a tree, this allows the stone to re find the earth it was made from – bringing it closer to its source.


AIR CLEANSING using the power of smoke, wind or your breath, can effectively cleanse crystals in one of the most beautiful rituals. Try incence stick smoke, then use the smoke to gently wash over your stones. This is brillant for the more delicate stones, thus returning unwanted energies back into the wind and the earth, where they can be recycled.


FIRE CLEANSING is a powerful force as well as a powerful cleanser. Waving a crystal through a flame is a brilliant way to cast out impurities.  Waving your crystals quickly through a candle flame can thoroughly cleanse them but do be aware of not getting carbon marks on them!


SUN & MOON CLEANSING work using the natural energies transmitted by the Sun and Moon, which powerfully energises your crystals.  The Sun provides a stronger, masculine energy, whereas the Moon has a more gentle, feminine energy.  


SOUND- VIBRATION  uses a tone or note to rebalance the vibrations of a stone back to its natural resonance. Simply sound a tuning fork, ting sha bells or singing bowl near a stone until you feel it is cleansed.