The Breath of Life

Human beings are very complex, we can sometimes be ruled by our emotions. Emotions are chemicals and depending on how the emotion is processed, we get different reactions as well as physical reactions. Good emotions help us open our heart to greater feelings of love, peace & compassion. Negative emotions can cause mental disorders, stress, fatigue, explosive tempers and depression.


So how can we control our emotions?

What if I told you that the length of your life is dependent on the number of breaths you take rather than the years you lived?


Those with accelerated heart rates, will also take more breaths per minute, they will be over emotional and highly stressed.  But people who practice yoga & mediate on a regular basis, have slower, deeper breaths and emotionally more stable, calmer and can expect a better quality & longevity of life.


For our first nine months of life, we have 36 breaths per minute, because of the rapid growth and progress that takes place. Our second nine months we took 18 breaths per minute and at 19-27 months we took 12 breaths per minute. However, as we grow, negative emotions set in, we develop fear, become anxious and stressed and these emotions bring disturbance and dis-ease.


Check how many breaths you are taking for one minute.


If you have around 14-20 breaths (inhale & exhale) per minute, you are in good health.

Anything above that could lead to depression or mental exhaustion/breakdown, you would need to take control of your emotional health and your stress level.  Take up the practice of meditation and relaxation techniques. Those who practice yoga, meditation and lead a gentle & peaceful lifestyle are very likely to have 12 breaths per minute, which is ideal.


Carry a selenite crystal to get into a deep meditative state and work with clear quartz crystals to bring calm and clarity. Have a chakra reading and see how you can take charge of your emotional health.



 Love & Rainbow Light xxx




Sacred Space For Spiritual Growth

Sacred Space

The spiritual path requires great courage.  It is a promise to oneself to live an authentic life; to awaken our inner gifts, to live our Divine mission, to nurse old wounds/past karmas, so that we are able to show love & compassion to ourself & others.

We are all unique and each have a very different life purpose, some further ahead, some have fallen behind, but all on a journey home.


Our soul knows all that there is to know, but with the constant chatter of our busy minds, the negative, critical thoughts and the struggles of the ego over our hearts desires. We may sometimes feel lost and often lonely in our life's mission.

Here are some tips on how to create a sacred space to give rise to your Heart and Soul purpose. Learn how to set the scene for a spiritual atmosphere, a place where you can sense your Guardian Angels envelop you in their wings with love, where you may feel the presence of loved ones who have passed or a peaceful place where you can channel clear messages from your Soul.


  • Clean the area, Mind, Body, Aura, Surroundings & Space.  I recommend incense, sage smudge and sweet-grass to purify your space and remove all negative vibes left behind in your home or environment. This will cleanse and balance the energies. Be sure to open the windows!
  • Use aromatherapy oils such as sandalwood, frankincense & myrrh
  • Soft lighting with candles and Himalayan salt lamps
  • Pretty flowers 
  • Music to further enhance the gentle &  mellow mood
  • Drums, rattles, tingsha chimes, singing bowls, bells
  • Feathers to call upon the assistance of your Angels
  • Keep a journal and write down your thoughts & messages that come through, your inner compass will guide you
  • Cleanse your Crystals and activate them.  Remember to set your intention before working with them
  • Any statue or image that you love can be placed at your altar.


Now that have created a beautiful, sacred space for yourself, you will feel at ease and happy there.  This is now your place of power, where blessings and expansion of love in your heart will take place. 


Love & Peace to all.




Seven year cycles of Chakras

Not only do we have a 7 year 'itch' in relationships, but we also have 7 year cycles of each chakra.


The cycle begins at birth and starts from our root/base charka and works its way up our body, reaching our 7th Crown Chakra at age 43.  The cycle starts all over again at the root/base chakra and continues until our final day. Each movement of the cycle gives us more depth to our life experience and personal growth, each 7 years is deeply influenced by the corresponding chakra.  

Age 0-7 years, our root chakra comes into play, where the life force energy begins and we do all that we can to survive.  At the 7th year there will be a noticeable shift and change in behaviour as the next charka phase begins. At 8-14 years, the sacral chakra explores creativity, boundaries and the discovery of sensuality as they start puberty. The solar plexus chakra develops between the age of 15-21, when we develop our personality, feelings, personal power and we feel we have limitless possibilities and choices to make.


When we're 22-28 years old is when our heart chakra learns to love, feel compassion and open our experience to friendships and relationships.  It is a major learning curve because we are feeling emotions but we cannot fully express them until our next cycle.  29-35 years, when our throat chakra develops communication skills and you can finally give a voice and express words more clearly by this age.  At this stage we tend to out grow certain friendships and relationships, as 'chaos' happens when we speak up and stand up for ourselves.


By the time we are 36-42 years old, we have new realisations, stronger intuitions and sense of self and we are able to enjoy a deeper life experience and appreciation of our growth. When we reach the next cycle at 43-49 years old, we are drawn to spirituality, to seeking enlightenment, to find some answers to our purpose of life, we seek unity.  You may notice many at this age group wanting to get involved in community, religious or personal development activities.  


What I find interesting is that the first cycle 0-7 years old and the second time around cycle for 50=56 year old, would be going through the Root/Base chakra, and you may find that grand child and grand parents connect on deep level and share a good understanding.  


If a traumatic incident occurs during the development of a chakra cycle, it may negatively impact the individuals actions and behaviour. They may show signs of re-occurring problems, or health issues in this particular chakra area.  Healers and crystals can assist you during every phase of your cycle, they help heal past wounds and improve your over all well being.


Asha  (image




Chakra Love ~ Relationships

Alex grey Art

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When a couple are in love, all the chakras blend and compliment one another, their energy fields merge as one, the heart chakra is open and full of energy.  It is possible to see a happy couple radiant with blissful love.  


After some time, disputes, differences and disagreements can occur. You may then experience emotions such as; resentment, sadness, grief or jealousy. Your heart chakra needs your attention and some tender, loving care. If the relationship ends, we then carry a 'broken heart' where once flowing, reciprocated, loving energy is cut off and depleted. The heart chakra may become underactive as we shrink into our shell for protection and survival of major heart ache.  


Time, is a great healer but then again so are Energy healers, who can help restore and rebalance the energies.  If you're nursing a 'broken heart', carry a Rose Quartz for unconditional love. It assists with loving oneself, healing our emotions and opens the heart to greater love.  




Be Balanced


Energy healers are trained and many are gifted with a deep sensitivity to themselves, other people and their surroundings. They can feel vibrations and sense its fluctuations. They can sense energy seepage, blockages and bring balance to the wheels of light, our Chakras.  

Energy flow has various qualities such as, Balanced, Blocked, Overactive, & Underactive.
Balanced chakra, means that the energy input and output is healthy and harmonious. This person would be considered vibrant and well.
Blocked chakra, signifies distress, energy depletion, dis-ease in the particular chakra.  If untreated, over time this could lead to long term issues; emotionally, mentally and physically.
An Overactive chakra, is an overstimulated , over activity in the chakra which also could be detrimental to your wellbeing. Signs of an overactive chakra are perhaps people who suffer with addiction, abuse or long held imprints of negative patterns.
An Underactive chakra requires a boost to bring it into balance and so that the person can cope with adverse conditions of the body or outer energy field (Aura).
Our 7 main chakras resemble swirling lights; 5 of which spiral both at the front and back of our body. The Root/Base chakra opens downwards and Crown chakra opens upwards, connecting us to the Universal energy. We are luminous beings of light in a temporary body. Recognise this beautiful light within yourself and those around you.
Wishing you all peace and balance.

Start from the beginning...

We are much more than our physical bodies, we start as pure luminous light from the Source.  This magnificent energy, 'prana' or 'chi' enters the body and new life begins. Spirals of energy begin to develop, these beautiful wheels of light begin to form. We have 7 main chakras, 21 minor chakras and 7 layers of our Aura. Each chakra gives out energy messages to our aura.  Have you ever experienced an instant attraction or rejection of someone that you've not spoken to? It could be the presence of another persons energy field, either appeals or repels your energy field.  


Many therapies and disciplines understand the various energy flow, like Acupuncture, Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Ayurvedic Therapy, concentrate on balancing energy pathways (Meridians).  Crystal Healing, Sound therapy, Mantras, Colour/Light Therapies, Reiki and Pranic Healing, work with subtle energy to bring wholeness and health to our bodies. 


Why not try tuning into your own chakras? It is easy to notice which chakra reacts when in a stressful situation, illness or problem.  When you feel choked up and the words just don't flow out, it could mean you are having trouble communicating your feelings, emotions or speaking your truth. Your throat chakra seizes up and feels strained, you may stutter or shake.  With a low energy flow in the Solar plexus, you may feel powerless, lack confidence, and develop a queasy feeling in your stomach.  Or perhaps heart issues, you literally have heart ache and illnesses relating to your heart, your heart may have many unresolved matters of the heart, loss of love, deep hurt and emotional wounds.  Energy healers can sense with their hands or see the imbalance of your chakras, it could be under active, over active, blocked or balanced.