I've been enchanted by Crystals since childhood.  But it was many years later, I learnt that Crystals were far more than pretty stones. Soon after finishing University, I took the standard route and worked in the media for a few years, which was deeply unsatisfying.


As destiny would have it, I had a wonderful opportunity to live in The Netherlands and then India. In those years I explored Crystal Healing, Art, Yoga, Meditation and expanded my spiritual awareness.  


When I experienced the powerful healing properties of Crystals, it opened a whole new world for me, one of strength, transformation and inner peace.  I am now a qualified Holistic Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Pranic Healer and a Soul Midwife, I also trained as an Oriental Yoga and Meditation Instructor.


I have travelled far and wide to hand pick these beautiful Crystals, all carefully selected to correspond with our 7 main Chakras, to balance essential Life-Force Energy, bring harmony and healing to your Mind, Body and Spirit.  I live, breath, sleep and carry Crystals everyday and night, my passion is now my obsession! I wish to share my love of Crystals, so that you too can benefit from their incredible energy.


Crystal Aura is an innovative UK based business. It came into existence because of my passion for Crystals and their healing properties.  I wanted to make healing products readily available and accessible to all in search for well-being of Mind, Body and Spirit.  It gives me great pleasure to sell my Crystals, so others can share in the Love, Light & Ancient Wisdom of The Mineral Kingdom.


Asha Ramsurn

Founder of Crystal Aura Shop


"Love is the essence of spiritual fire" - Lucius Annaeus Seneca